Friday, March 15, 2013

The New Testament Dedication

After a couple of hours with a new "user friendly" interface, I still don't know how to do things I could do before the website got so helpful!  As a concession to my age and that fact it is 3 AM, I know you will help me out by taking this extra step to get to the photo album of the New Testament dedication. 

We put together an album called "Thirty-five Hundred Reasons to Praise" and hope you will enjoy it and it will give you a flavor of the day.  As it is not possible to put the album or the direct link to the album here, I hope to make this easy and worth your time.  Start by going to the website below.

The menu is on the left hand side. You will see one link called "The New Testament Dedication Blog".  Click on that and you should be able to view this 24 page color photo album of the dedication.

Thanks for taking the extra time to do this and know we love and appreciate you all!click here