Monday, February 3, 2014

The States of Ministry
Things change in year, and many of those changes are beautiful and wonderful.  They are changes nonetheless and until we had definite news it has been hard to keep everyone posted.  Yesterday, as I sat with my parents in New Hampshire, I laughed a bit thinking we are now in various "states" of ministry.

Neil went to Missouri yesterday to begin working with Life Publishers on the next step of the Fire Bible in Melanesian Pidgin.  The start has been delayed twice, not for our part, but a reality that occurs when you try to coordinate the schedule of so many people.  After these three days he will likely plan his return to PNG, and then a transfer of the work to Bangkok.  I'll write more about that in our next letter. 

Anthony is a first semester junior at Northpoint Bible College.  If you don't recognize "young Tony" in the photo above, it is because he is now a young man who has exceeded all height expectations for anyone with our surname.  (He's in the blue jacket with the brown pants on the right).  The photo was taken last week before the ten students pictured headed to the Super Bowl to work with an organization dedicated to rescuing victims of human trafficking.  We've learned a great deal about the terrible plague of human trafficking through Anthony's passion to minister the love of Christ to the victims as well as to those who traffic.  In keeping with that call on his life, he spent the weekend in New York and New Jersey. We sense that he will not be "long for America" after he graduates but likely minister overseas in the future.

For my part I continue to teach a women's Bible study on the Gospel of John to some 50 women every Thursday. I enjoy it a great deal. I had a bout with my liver enzymes again reaching elevated levels but my appetite has returned.  I continue to enjoy good mobility though I've had my times when my legs have given out and I needed a physical "lift" into the apartment.  Though I did not envision a stretch in the US to exceed a year, I recognize it is a gift to me and this time has made it possible for a million people in Papua New Guinea to have access to a study Bible.

So the "states of the Vanaria's" yesterday were New Hampshire, New York and Missouri. (Though, the NH state was a "location" not a ministry). I'll soon have a letter out with the specifics of the Fire Bible and updates on Mesem's continued use of the New Testament as well as the work Neil has produced as an additional Bible aid to Mesem speakers.  That we were in Papua New Guinea a year ago at this time seems unreal at times, but when I look around I know that I have led a blessed life that is so rich that a year passes and there are so many rich moments, it seems hard to believe only a year ago we were celebrating the culmination of 25 years in Papua New Guinea.

So as the radio plays, "With everything, with everything, we will shout for Your glory", I say, "Amen".  Till next time, thanks for standing with us.