Thursday, May 29, 2008

The New Testament: Waiting to Happen

Today is Thursday and we have found a place to live, praise God! We have volunteers to help us with the move and will proceed as soon as our application is accepted. Then off to School of Missions for two weeks in July and early June followed by missionary renewel, a four day retreat with the Lord about Whom around Whom all missions center.

Many have asked when we believe we will resume full time work on the scriptures. We are praying for a completed budget by August so when we move in our next apartment we will not be spending so much time going from place to place but be able to give our full attention to the Mesem New Testament. Our priority is to complete the work well, and to do it with haste. We need your prayers. Most translators set three typesetting dates before a New Testament is completed. We have already experience much adversity in many forms and now desire a speedy completion for the sake of Truth among the Mesem people.

Recently, Nancy, a very dear friend and encourager, wrote to say that she was moving to assisted living and could offer just her prayers for us. I don't know that anyone prays more faithfully than she does (but feel free to try). I believe, as Neil has so often said, that in heaven, the Lord will judge this as a work completed by the Body of Christ.

Thank you for loving us through this and pray with us that we might resume the work full time as soon as possible. We are waiting to hear from an number of churches and praying that we will be where we need to be to continue on for the Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.
The Vanarias

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